January 8, 2013

Toyota GT86 Drifting

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It’s well documented the world over that the Toyota GT86 is a car built to handle high speeds and tight corners. It seems that Toyota, not deterred by the recently banned advert for the GT86, wanted to find other avenues in which they could show the real performance qualities of their car.

The video below is just a small look into what the Toyota GT86 is capable of, and this is the car standard! We must remind you that the GT86 is normally aspirated with a hp of around 200, so when the eventual turbo charged version becomes available it is sure to really pick up some speed going into those corners. A seriously impressive spectacle from the GT86 and it only gets us more excited for the future of this particular car.

The GT86 is a car that we all know will handle well and it was Toyota’s job to prove this. Keep your eyes peeled at the end of the video for a look at the old AE86 giving it some into the bends.

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