December 27, 2012

UK Impreza’s to cease

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Since back in the early ninety’s the Subaru badge has been one that many motoring fans have cheered for and it is a real shame to hear that the last of the Impreza’s (WRX’s or Sti’s) has been imported from the UK. it is said to be due to “lack of sales” and the fact that as a day to day car the Impreza just doesn’t compete when CO2 is involved and that had a real dent on the fan base that has always supported the firm so very passionately. 

The Subaru badge has carried great popularity since back when Colin McRae took the wheel of the WRC Legacy back in 1992, a year later the Impreza took to the WRC and with it’s impressive form welcomed the turbo charged Impreza into the already waiting arms of the public. With it’s release in 1994 the Impreza turbo was an exciting prospect for the petrol head who wanted to get hold of a road car that could really push the limits, and that’s exactly what the Impreza did. With handling that allowed for the driver to really test the 208hp engine the Impreza was really starting to catch on among the drivers of the world, so much so that it lead to the release of the Impreza WRX or “bug eye” in 2000.

With things going so well for the Subaru team, it was only a matter of time before somebody tried to reclaim the throne, this time coming in the
shape of the Mitsubishi Evo. Yet another Japanese brand looking to test the drivers to see just how much they could handle, and for the last twenty years they both provided just that. Mitsubishi, unfortunately, have
already pulled out of the performance import market this year, which we
felt may leave a bit more room for the Impreza. Apprently though we were wrong as the Subaru bunch will now be focusing more on the SUV’s for the UK market in order to adapt to an ever changing market. With the BRZ now seemingly Subaru’s only real “performance” model still in production in the UK you can see how the Impreza will slowly be drowned out with other great hatchbacks and saloons available from a number of different manufacturers.

Keith Michaels are a company that have always supported the plight of the Subaru Impreza, so for us this was sad news too. However, it is not all doom and gloom from Subaru as we do have the release of the BRZ to wait for, not only that there will always be a space in our garages for the always loved Jap imported Impreza’s. Maybe it is time we all dipped into our pockets and rebooted the craze that once was…

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