December 14, 2012

BMW M6 official reveal

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Along with the release of the 4 series from BMW recently we are able to report on the release of another impressive looking BMW, the M6. Again it seems as though BMW are really staking a claim in the coming year for being the top manufacturer once more.

The BMW M6 is yet another aggressive looking car that really promises to blow the competition out of the water. Looking aggressive is starting to become a bit of a trend over at BMW and yet again they are offering the performance to back the bold looking car. The twin turbo 4.4litre V8 will really pack some punch with an impressive 560hp and 502lb ft from just 1,500rpm. Some really promising figures have been coming from all the latest models at BMW and we have to say it is a run of form that we are particular pleased with.

Costs will be slightly higher than the current favorite of the M5 but when you put in to context the £100,000 that the BMW M6 will cost you compared to other competition you are making a real saving. In short, you will be paying less for the M6 than the rival manufacturers models such as the Porsche Panamera Turbo (£104,758) the Mercedes CLS63 AMG will cost you £81,170 although you will be taking a bit of a dip in hp as it comes in at 525hp. The last in the list is the Aston Martin Rapide which will cost around £149,995 so all in all you really do make quite an impressive saving, and for those that are less you don’t get quite as much as the BMW M6 has to offer.

As impressive as the BMW is there is a bit of a downfall in the form of mileage. 28.5mpg and 232g/km are all you are going to get out of this and it is to be expected when you look at other performance figures such as 0-62 in 4.2 seconds, you can start to see where the issue may be. If you are looking for an absolute tool to put in the garage that will seriously get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on point, look no further than the BMW M6.

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