September 25, 2012

New Type-R set for 2015

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The CEO at Honda has confirmed that there will be a new Civic Type-R on the roads, however it won’t be with us until approximately 2015. Takanobu Ito has told us that he wants to have the fastest front-wheel drive car around the “ring” and as you would expect with this kind of dream, it’s going to take some work to achieve it.

The company will have to make some drastic changes to the Civic Type-R due to emission regulations, so we are expecting a brand new 1.6 turbo engine that is currently under development for the Civic that is set to debut in the World Touring Car Championships (WTCC) next month at Suzuka. With the car set to push out around 310hp with a rev count of 8500rpm in racing spec, Honda won’t want to cut back too much if they want a quick road car too. As you would expect however, Honda haven’t confirmed any specs for the new Civic Type-R, only a statement declaring that it will use “technologies developed through Honda’s participation in the WTCC” hence why we must wait until 2015 for these “technologies” to be at their peak.

So is this the end for the high revving Honda Civic Type-R’s? If they are to be bringing out the 1.6 spec surely there won’t be anymore 2.0litre versions coming out, especially with the emission regulations we touched on before. As this would seem to be the case, where better a start for a quick road car than in its roots at motor sport levels? As for the wait, this can only show that Honda are serious about the “ring” record they’re aiming to break and is very promising for what they could stretch a road car to performance wise. All we can say is that we are excited to see where this venture from Honda ends up.

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