September 26, 2012

ABT tune into A1 Quattro

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Whether you’re one of the 333 Audi A1 Quattro owners in the UK or not, The new ABT tuning package is one that should get your ears burning. Although it may be a very rare and expensive Audi A1 only package, there is a lot on offer that promises a lot for the more popular range of the Audi S1.

With a  256hp 2.0-litre turbocharged Audi A1 wasn’t a car that was left wanting for power nor style, but was left in a bit of a hole as Audi were shifting them at £40k a pop. With only 333 on the market it was always going to be difficult for the A1 to have a massive impact. Despite that however, ABT have decided this is a project that they wanted to get their hands on. Performance car insurance is also something you must bear in mind when purchasing a vehicle like this – not everyone can get them covered.

ABT haven’t loosened their lips too much on the modifications that will feature on their Model of the Audi A1, but we do have it in good knowledge that we could be looking at a potential of 307hp and 295lb ft which is a good gain on the initial 250hp and 258lb ft that the A1 was originally pushing out. We suspect however that with power like this coming into the A1’s performance that the usual exhaust swap, boost pressure and re-map will be the most likely of the modifications to take place to start. According to ABT the increase in power and perfomance won’t take any toll on any of the fuel economy or emissions, but it will however take the 0-62 from 5.7 down to 5.7

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