September 25, 2012

Audi to release new S3

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With the Hot Hatch scene seemingly making itself known again, it seems Audi aren’t going to let the opportunity slip by them to top the table this time round. With Audi never really standing out as a big name in the hot hatch department they look to be releasing the new S3 at a time where Honda release the new Civic Type-R into the market and they want people to know that they aren’t messing around. This is certainly a performance car that will match all its competitors.

The new Audi S3 is going to be one to keep an eye on as it boasts a 300hp engine which is over 30hp more than the current model on sale at this time, and only 40hp less than the current RS3. Although Audi are using the same 2.0 TFSI engine as before, they say that with the new technology being developed and used on this particular model, it makes for an interesting difference. The new exhaust manifold being integrated into the cylinder head, and twin balancer shafts being added help towards the 0-62mph time of just 5.1 seconds (previous model 5.8). Add to that the fact that this engine claims to take the fuel economy to 40.9mpg you’re getting a lot of mileage for your bhp. To make sure that the Audi doesn’t leave us wanting more they have also made some structural changes to make sure that the ride is as good as the numbers. The new crash structure, aluminium subframe, wings and bonnet have all helped to the loss of 17kg and another 5kg was lost with the new quattro four-wheel drive TFSI engine.

Audi Didn’t stop there with the new S3. The overall look of this car is one that is sure to get eyes drawn to it with the new S grille and its matte platinum grey inserts, Xenon lights as standard, and a meaty rear bumper (with platinum diffuser and no less than four tailpipes). Audi’s aluminium S door mirrors also feature as does a sharp roof spoiler that doesn’t just add to the aesthetically pleasing side of the S3, but also the performance as well. Audi claim that this spoiler isn’t just cutting the lift of the vehicle, but also say that it generates down force on the rear end making it stick to the road that bit more. You aren’t left wanting on the inside either as Audi have added a sleek looking interior to the new S3. From grey dials with white needles on the dash, to a turbo boost gauge set in the rev counter. Audi have also gone for the sports seats with pull out thigh support that was once featured in the Focus RS turbo. All in all we would say that Audi have set the mark with this new S3 and we await to see what competitors bring to the table as the year comes to a close.

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