June 18, 2012

Mercedes AMG A Class

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A new AMG performance car seems to be on the drawing board – the A45 AMG. Rumours of a car to take on the BMW M135i and Audi RS3 have been about for some time now but hopefully the car will get the go ahead.

Powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine that will put out 330 bhp, this will be the most powerful 4 cylinder engine supplied by Mercedes. This beats both the 2.5 litre Audi RS3 and 3.0 litre BMW M135i and therefore makes this the most powerful car in this limited class. Power like this from a 4 cylinder engine really does put the performance car market into the next phase.

As with the Audi, power will be delivered to all 4 wheels via a twin clutch gearbox. Priced at around £32,000 the full details of the car will be out shortly – we are certainly looking forward to it and would like to cover some using our performance car insurance policies.