November 12, 2012

Engine thefts at Holden

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Australian Import staff at Holden have recently been put under police investigation after a police operation discovered that they had been stealing parts from the factory in order to sell them on. The Thefts have been uncovered in the factory based in Elizabeth, Australia.

Since January this year, police say that an estimated £1.6 million worth of engines and gearboxes have gone that were intended for the Holden version of the Vauxhall VXR8. Holden, who would usually sell these engines at around $10,000 a piece, are rumored to have taken a loss of around $8,500 on each engine that has gone “missing”. The investigations are still ongoing as to how it has been possible for the employees to get engines and transmissions out of the Holden factory with such ease, but it seems there was “no effective tracking system” on products when arriving so it was made easy and undetectable for however long this has been occurring within the Holden suit.

It is a shame that there is such thefts going on with what we would say is an impressive engine. The Vauxhall VXR8 is a seriously great car in the UK and is one that we speak to many customers about over a weekly period. The Holden Commodore VE is the Australian imported version of the VXR8 and is pretty much identical except for a few differences such as the badge. It is clear that the relationship between Holden and Vauxhall is one that will go strong for years, and it really is a shame to see a company like this have such poor methods for tracking the bare essentials for their cars, and is an issue we hope to see changed in the future.

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