November 12, 2012

Land Rover unveil 16 new models

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It has come to light over the past few days that Land Rover are planning to release sixteen new models as part of a £10 billion investment over the next seven years. The announcement was not on purpose however as it appears that the new models and ideas were flashed up during a powerpoint presentation being held at Land Rover earlier this week.

The plans to release these cars come as Land Rover look to take over the “sports utility” market with ambitious goals of having three percent of the overall market that will reach twenty two million by 2020. Land Rover look to do this with a new range of sixteen cars divided into three different models. There will be six new Land Rover Range Rovers, five new Land Rover Discoveries/Freelanders, and then a further five Land Rover Defenders. 

The six new Land Rover Range Rovers will all be updated versions of previous models, with one brand new model coming out in the name of the Land Rover “baby” Evouque which is hedged as an outside bet for production. Other models will be the standard Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport, The Range Rover Evoque XL, and the Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet and are expected to be very popular not only in the UK but also across India, the US and China along with the Discovery/Freelander and the Defender.

Land Rover Look to be doing the same within the Land Rover Discovery/Freelander range and the five new models include the Luxury Discovery, the Discovery, the Freelander “super” seven seater, the Freelander “super” five seater, and the new, smaller Freelander “baby”. When it comes to the Land Rover Defenders they have again released five models, there is the Pick Up Defender, the Long-wheel based Defender, a standard Defender as well as the current Defender and the Defender DC100 which will be an urban Land Rover based on the Evoque.

Land Rover are really expecting to do well out of this and we don’t see why they couldn’t with production at Soilhull expected to push out “150,000 models per year at full stretch”. Obviously Land Rover plan to impress world wide with the investments being made and not all of the £10 billion being put into this movement will be based in the UK with parts of the investment being put into a new plant in China as well as new progress being made in India for the Defender model. However Land Rover do out of these investments it is certainly something that we plan to keep an eye on as it will be interesting to see where exactly this can go.

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