November 19, 2012

The All new Honda NSX

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It’s now been seven years since the release of Honda‘s last NSX supercar, and coming into the eighth year it seems that Honda have decided it is time for the NSX to be given a new lease of life. After Honda revealed a concept of the new NSX in January of this year, it appears that they are keen to keep the designs and specs as close to that as possible on the NSX that will go up for sale come January 2015.

Honda don’t seem too keen to give away much about the new NSX, but what we can assume is that the latest in the development of NSX’s will be a V6 VTEC engine with two in wheel electric motors. As expressed before we do not know where these in wheel electric motors will be based, whether they are front or back, we do know it will be a mid mounted engine however and Honda‘s CEO is promising “an extremely favorable power to weight ratio” despite fears from punters that the three engines may just cause the NSX to be sluggish when it comes to performance.

With the American branch of Honda (Acura) taking the lead in all future developments, you can assume that the Honda team are looking to make big money with the latest of the NSX team. All development and building is set to take place in Ohio rather than the Japan based manufacturing units, this is due to the fact that it is virtually impossible for anyone to make money on a car manufactured over in Japan, and with an estimated 19,000 set to sell in 2015 you’re going to want to make money.

Between now and 2015 seems a long time and we suspect there will be a fair amount of customers itching to get hold of one of the new Honda NSX models, unfortunately with that not being possible all we can do is speculate as to how successful the new range will be. Our bet? Very.

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