November 27, 2012

Audi to build extreme TT

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Since the release of the original Audi TT back in 1998, Audi have really struggled to establish the TT as a true drivers car. There have been signs of promise over the years, but with a steering system that just didn’t seem to react the way it was built to, even the sleek looks of the TT weren’t enough for true enthusiasts.

Audi are looking to change the common perception of the TT and recent attempts have included the TT-S with its 268hp and the more powerful TT-RS that was pushing out 335hp. Unfortunately neither were able to shrug the label and it seems that Audi are going to need to push that extra mile in order to create a car that has the character and performance that the petrol heads in the UK are waiting for.

The latest in the TT range certainly has lots of potential to be a crowd pleaser, with its lightweight body and five cylinder engine that looks likely to feature the quattro system you can certainly see why. According to Wolfgang Durheimer, Audi development boss,  the new car would be constructed from a mix of different materials in an effort to keep weight down, possibly as low as 1000kg. This week is apparently when Audi’s management team will be meeting in order to decide the fate of the latest of the TT range, we think this is a risk worth taking purely down to the fact that on the track this car would put in some seriously quick times.

Although Audi might not have had the success they may have expected from the TT, it is clear to see that Audi are a company who can build almost perfect vehicles. Baring that in mind we can see them changing the fortune of the TT with this latest venture and we certainly would like to get behind the wheel when it does come good.

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