November 27, 2012

New Forester gets its turbo

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Over the years Subaru have earned themselves a solid reputation for building cars that excelled in functionality and performance, and one of the top performers was the Subaru Forester. It may not be the most popular choice among Subaru selections, but over the years it has grown quite a following and it seems that following has warranted Subaru giving us yet another Forester to talk about.

The current Forester didn’t have the turbo that you come to expect from the likes of Subaru, until now. It seems that the team over at Subaru have heard the calls of its many followers and decided that the addition of a turbo was needed. The UK version will receive around 280hp at the wheels from it’s direct injection petrol turbo and this really got us excited, then we heard it was only going to be available in automatic form. As much as a let down as this will be you can expect this car to really perform and over the years the Forester has always proved to be a goof performance SUV. Although nobody has really managed to pull off an automatic gear box paired with a sporty set up, you have to feel confident that if anybody can achieve this for the Forester it will be the guys over at Subaru.

Over the years there has never really been any Foresters that have let the Subaru team down and we hope that this one can follow suit despite the fact it will be an auto transmission. Only time will tell if Subaru can get this Forester just right.

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