November 27, 2012

MX-5 gets another face lift

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With the release of the latest Mazda MX-5 not set to be until at least 2014, it appears that seven years into the release of the current model Mazda have decided to spruce up the MX-5 in order to tide them over for the foreseeable future.

Mazda have already given a face lift to this set of MX-5’s and we wonder where exactly they plan to take this design in order to mark a noticeable difference. First things first, Mazda have tried not to change too much under the bonnet and have vowed only to tweak the fly-by-wire throttle software which will allow for a better throttle response, along with changes to the vacuum brake booster which will allow for better handling as you brake into the tight corners.

Above board Mazda again opted not too change much, but it would appear that the front bumper was the main focus of any nip and tucks.  Although better looking than the previous range, Mazda claim it will also improve the aerodynamics around the fog light and grille areas, again adding to the performance of the MX-5. Other tweaks that won’t be so noticeable are the likes of the new active bonnet system during pedestrian impact. The new bonnet has been structured in order for the MX-5 to comply with future EU regulations towards pedestrian safety.

Other noteworthy additions include the first ever SatNav integrated system available on the MX-5. Although potentially not to the taste of the usual Mazda MX-5 driver, this could be an option that may open up the market to the gadget lovers among the motorists out there. The latest on offer in the MX-5 range will still start off with the MX-5 1.8i SE model available at around £18,495 which is slightly higher than previous starter models. The top of the range available from Mazda will include the MX-5 2.0i Sport Tech Nav for £23,295 and is available from December 1st.

We are aware that the latest in the range of Mazda MX-5’s may not sell quite like previous models, nor can we see it holding high reserve among the true petrol heads out there, but nonetheless Mazda have perfected the MX-5 over the years and we feel this could be the underdog that wins many battles over the coming months.

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