August 16, 2012

Audi R8 Facelift Version

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Prices have now been confirmed for the updated Audi R8 models – £91,000 for the V8 and £124,000 for the V10. Not unsurprisingly the upgrades are hardly that dramatic but Audi have had to do something to justify the recent price hikes.

What really makes these up are slight changes to both the front and rear bumpers, revised headlights, and a small reduction in CO2 emissions – hardly anything to shout home about, but a change all the same. Although the price rises have yet to be announced formerly in the UK, they have been confirmed in Germany, so expect the figures above to follow. Oh, and round exhaust trims are now standard for all models now!

One major change that has been incorporated mechanically is the fazing out of the R tronic gearbox which has been replaced by the S tronic. For those not wanting the traditional manual box then this makes the automatic version much more bearable to live with. The S tronic box gives much quicker changes than the old one, and now performs that much better than the manual – 0.3 seconds quicker in 0-60 times.

The Audi R8 still remains one of the best 2 seat coupe or convertible cars out there today and rightfully has a very loyal following. Should you be looking to get your Audi R8 insurance then please look at our range of Performance Car insurance products. We have been placing these policies for many years now and would be delighted to do so for you.