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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9

2005 saw the introduction of the Lancer Evo 9 with Mitsubishi providing the UK with FQ300, FQ320 and FQ340 models. A further FQ360 was later produced so no one could claim that they didn’t have all the bases covered. The Evo IX was notable for all its electronics wizardry, which when combined with a 6 speed box, Bilstein shocks, and Active Yaw Control, made the car desirable to all the Evo fans out there. These cars have obviously become real supercars, and when we cover then under our Lancer Evo insurance, we do need to see some level of experience of either Evo driving or something fairly similar. The FQ360 saw even more kit added such as a carbon splitter, Speedline wheels, and the limited edition MR model seeming like something straight off the race track!

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10

Following a couple of concepts, Mitsubishi did the obvious thing and released the lancer Evo 10 which is the last in a long line of timeless cars. This has to be the ultimate Evo but is it just too much for some of the purists? Electronics, sequential boxes, rising costs, maybe not to everyone’s taste, and this car has probably taken the model as far as it can go. Produced in the UK as FQ 300,330,360 and 400, Mitsubishi once again gave everyone the choice of car that met their needs. Luxury items have started to appear as standard on the car to appeal to those who will pay up to £50,000 for one.

The Lancer Evo range has come a very long way since the first model some 20 years ago and has kept an enthusiasts following for all that time. We at Keith Michaels are very well known for our coverage of these cars, whether they need standard Mitsubishi insurance, or Japanese Import insurance for the large number that started their lives overseas.

A huge number of these cars have been modified and we are more than happy with this – our schemes take this into account and can offer like for like parts replacement in the event of a claim. We have cars with huge levels of horsepower insured with us – all we ask is that you tell us up-front to avoid any complication should you have to make a claim.

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