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Mazda RX8 Insurance

Mazda RX8Being the successor to the great Mazda RX7, the Mazda RX8 followed in 2003 using the same rotary engine that has been perfected over the years. Unfortunately modern emission regulations seem to have killed off this extremely popular power plant which is a great shame. Keith Michaels have successfully been providing Mazda insurance for a quarter of a century and would be delighted to look at providing you with Mazda RX8 insurance.

The rotary engine is the heart of the Mazda RX8 and with a displacement of a mere 1.3 litres and turbocharging, manages to produce a very respectable 230bhp. This is a front engine, rear wheeled drive 4 seat coupe, which has a defined target market of enthusiast drivers who want reliability, performance and something a little bit different – for example, the ‘freestyle’ doors. The use of lightweight materials such as aluminium and plastics and its 50:50 weight distribution make for a very rapid and lively car. Once you have mastered the tight torque band in the rev range, the car is a joy and reaches the red line with ease.

Mazda RX8 Changes

In 2008 there were slight revisions to the car with bodywork, suspension and gearing upgrades which Mazda claim made the car that little bit quicker. Although Mazda made very few changes to the car during its production life, there are quite a few after- market modifications available for the car, and we are happy to cover these under our Mazda RX8 insurance. If you visit our Japanese car insurance pages you will see that we have an extensive knowledge of all Japanese cars, both UK models and imports.

Mazda RX8 CostsMazda RX8 Insurance

CO2 emissions (g/km): 284
Tax band: M
Insurance group: 30



Mazda RX8 Performance

Engine: 1308 cc
Driven wheels: Rear
Power (bph): 230
Torque (ld/ft): 156
0 – 60 (mph) 6.4
Top speed (mph): 146
Kerb weight (kg): 1373

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