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Mazda Eunos Classic Car Insurance

Mazda Eunos RoadstersThe Mazda Eunos Roadster has rightly become one of the greatest sports cars on the road today, and even for a car which is now over 20 years old, can hold a candle to most of its more modern contemporaries.

At Keith Michaels we acknowledge that there are a great number of fine examples of this car on the road today and have negotiated a cherished car scheme for this vehicle.

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Classic Mazda Eunos Insurance

We are looking to insure the enthusiast driver, one who is probably a member of a car club, drives the car on a limited basis, and has a passion for the ownership of the car. If you fit this bill then we are extremely keen to hear from you – we are only a phone call away.

Most insurance companies will not look at imported cars under classic insurance schemes, but our knowledge of the Eunos goes back to the time when they were first imported to the UK via the Grey Import market, and as such have extensive experience of the car.

Eunos Roadsters2 main things matter to us:

  • ‘You’
  • ‘The Car’

‘You’ must have experience of the car, have a proven track record (previous adverse experience can be looked at), be concerned about the car’s security (garaging where possible), and  most importantly be an enthusiast.

‘The Car’ must be at least 20 years old, in a condition we are happy with (photo proof will be required), have a proven service record (own maintenance is fine), cover a limited mileage, and be a car you are proud to own.

We would also like to put the best examples on our Facebook page (subject to your approval) so that we can share these with other like minded clients.

Members of car clubs are especially welcome.


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