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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Got a Question About Your Expat Car Insurance?

Insurance can be confusing and it’s even more so if you’re an expat. With limited information out there, we thought we’d do our part to help you wrap your head around it. There’s a vast amount of information on our website that will help you understand more about car insurance for British expats.

We’ve also compiled a list of common questions that Expats are asking, and we’ve matched them with some answers.

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Many UK insurers won’t insure a car unless the owner has a home of residence in the UK, but we can. We offer specific car insurance for British expats that have a car in the UK. Find out about Car Insurance for Expats
Yes. Especially if you return frequently throughout the year, we recommend keeping a car in the UK for when you return. We can cover your car all year round, and at a low price, to make sure your car is available even on those surprise visits. However, we do require that you keep it in a safe location, but you’d do that anyway.
Unless you have one of our expat car insurance policies, temporary car insurance* may be your best option. We’ve teamed up with the UK’s leading short term insurance provider to provide the cheapest temporary insurance quotes possible.
Discover your Temporary Car Insurance Options
* Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer short term cover as the current underwriter has withdrawn from the market.
Yes, however a regular policy may not be sufficient to cover you as you’re not a UK resident. Insurance providers like TempCover.com offer specific short term cover* for expat drivers visiting the UK for a short period of time.
Information about Short Term Car Insurance
* Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer short term cover as the current underwriter has withdrawn from the market.
No. The majority of UK insurers won’t cover you unless you’re living in the UK, especially if you’re a named driver. Fortunately, if you have a specialist expat policy with us, your UK NCB will be protected ready for when you move back to the UK.
This depends on how long you’ve been out of the UK, which country you’ve been living in as well as a number of other factors. The document below contains some information that should help you, or you can contact one of our Expat specialists.
Information about Driving on a UK Licence
nfortunately it does not. However, because we specialise in expat car insurance, we accept foreign NCB. So, although you could lose your UK NCB after 2 years of living abroad, we’ll still be able to offer you a great deal
Declaring your car as SORN is one option. However, we offer an easier option. We offer a low-cost insurance policy that will cover your UK-based car while you’re living abroad. This means it will be ready for you to drive whenever you return.
Learn about Insuring your UK Car while Living Abroad
Yes. You can export your car when you move abroad, although many insurance companies may be hesitant about insuring you. One option is to arrange cover with a local insurance company however this can often be costly. If you’re Emigrating within Europe, we can actually insure your car and keep you safe.
Taking your UK Car to Europe
No. This is actually illegal. Fronting is the practice of naming someone else as the main driver in order to save on your car insurance. If discovered, your policy could be void and you may face prosecution. However, you could transfer the car into their name and get temporary insurance when you return.
It is a legal requirement that all details are disclosed. However, because we’re not an insurance company, we will actually listen to your situation. If we don’t see you as being a risk, we will be able to negotiate with the insurance companies to keep your premium down
A UK address is essential to get a UK car insurance policy for a number of reasons. It’s a key factor in assessing your risk as a driver. It’s also necessary for administrative purposes. If you have a car in the UK and need insurance but don’t have a UK address, we strongly recommend you contact one of our experienced brokers.