Lotus Eletre Car Insurance

Where the hyper-SUV meets all-electric excitement, the Lotus Eletre is a proven trailblazer. This model exerts power through its advanced engineering and striking design, freely turning heads. That’s why specialist car insurance, from Keith Michaels, is vital for you.
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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Insure Your Lotus Eletre

Claimed to be the most advanced Lotus ever made, the Lotus Eletre combines sports car styling with pure electrified power. When your car turns heads and grabs attention, it’s vital to have car insurance that offers a secure solution. At Keith Michaels, we have over 30 years of experience providing cover for specialist requirements.

About the Lotus Eletre

‘Total electric power without compromise’ – that’s how Lotus describes the Eletre, and they’re not wrong. Voted 2023 SUV of the Year by GQ magazine, the Lotus Eletre R produces 905hp and reaches 0-62mph in 2.95 seconds which is breathtakingly quick. You could even benefit from 373 miles of range in the Eletre and Eletre S variants, depending on your configuration and driving style.

From the outset, you’ll spot characteristic aerodynamic features, such as a retractable rear spoiler and Aero alloy wheels. Its muscular stature and sculpted lines enable air to be channelled around, through, over, and under the car for maximum performance and minimal drag.

For Lotus fanatics, the Eletre creates its own legacy. A five-door SUV and big boot, with 688 litres, is something Lotus has not been renowned for. In fact, the Eletre almost measures the same size as the Lamborghini Urus, which is a major step for the car brand. But the design and clean feel ensure the Lotus-essence is maintained.

From launch date in 2023, the starting price of the Eletre is £89,500.

Business Car Insurance for the Lotus Eletre

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Lotus Eletre Car Insurance

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Lotus Eletre Specs

*Information is provisional, classed as a target for Lotus and subject to change. Specifications are based on the Lotus Eletre model.

Lotus Eletre Performance

Range (WLTP combined) Up to 373 miles 
Driven Wheels AWD 
Power (hp) 603hp 
Torque (Nm) 710Nm 
0-62mph (secs) 4.5 seconds 
Top Speed (mph) 155mph 
Battery Capacity (kW) 107kWh 
Kerb Weight (kg) 2,700kg 

Lotus Eletre Costs

Insurance Group N/A