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A DD40 endorsement on your driving license is the penalty for dangerous driving and is one of the most common of the reckless driving offences. Dangerous driving convictions can occur across of wide range of drivers for any number of reasons. Many drivers with this endorsement find it a challenge to keep their car insurance premiums low. In some circumstances, UK car insurance companies may even refuse to issue quotes for drivers with a dangerous driving conviction.

When A DD40 Conviction Code Applies

The DD40 endorsement is issued on your license when you are convicted of dangerous driving. A person is to be regarded as driving dangerously if:

  • the way he/she drives falls far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver; or
  • if it would be obvious to a competent and careful driver that driving the vehicle in its current state would be dangerous.

In this context, “dangerous” refers to danger either of injury to any person or of serious damage to property. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the conviction, at some point you’re going to need to be back on the road again.

Penalties For Dangerous Driving

If convicted of dangerous driving, your DD40 endorsement will remain on your license for 4 years from the date of the conviction. In addition, you could receive 3-11 points on your license determined by the severity of the offence. This is common in all reckless driving offences. These points will put you well on the road to receiving a driving ban if you acquire more than 12 points within 3 years.

Reckless/Dangerous Driving

Driving Licence Conviction CodeMotoring OffencePenalty PointsDuration Conviction Stays on your Licence
DD40Dangerous driving3 – 11 points 4 years

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DD40 Car Insurance

When you have a dangerous driving endorsement on your license, you will face 4 years of struggling to get car insurance. Even if you can get a quote from an insurer, they will consider you a serious risk because of your history of dangerous driving, regardless of the context and increase your premium. At Keith Michaels know that you’re a person, not a policy number. We strive to give you a customised policy that is right for you. We provide a range of competitive DD40 insurance quotes that are suited perfectly to you.

When looking for a competitive premium, search for quotes that include DD40 car insurance policies. Our specialist brokers search for the best possible insurance policy for the best possible price.

Disclosure of all convictions you have when seeking a car insurance quote is essential. Failure to disclose is a breach of the law and will invalidate your insurance. In addition, if you are stopped by the police, you will receive a driving ban.

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