April 3, 2012

Why Buy an Evoque?

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How many people must own an Evoque and be asked why?

It has to be one of the best looking vehicles around and knocks spots off the opposition. But looks aren’t everything are they? This car can just do about everything the modern customer would want a car to do, in comfort, and with that certain style. Owners seem very pleased that Range Rover went ahead with a car so closely based on the concept model and we at Keith Michaels think they have a winner and love to provide Range Rover Evoque car insurance.

The interior is also a bit special with little design touches, no annoying rattles, and nice positive buttons. All in all a nice place to be with the added bonus of feeling secure. We know that the values of Evoques will stay high and take this into account when arranging Range Rover Evoque car insurance – we always recommend policies with a new car replacement facility from new for the first year.

MPG and insurance costs are good, residuals high and owner feedback is good. Follow this link for your Range Rover Evoque car insurance.