April 3, 2012

BMW Shows Off i8 Spyder Concept Car

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Here are pictures of the BMW i8 Spyder Cocept Car to be shown at the Beiging show. Being an electric hybrid, it is the third in the line of current BMW concepts. The coupe version is expected to make production in 2 years time.

Apart from the main difference to the coupe being no roof, it also has slightly softer styling on the exterior. Scissor doors also replace the original concepts glass ones. It is still a 2 seater and has a shorter wheelbase.

The engine figures are still mightily impressive – a 1.5 litre engine putting out 223 bhp from a 3 cylinder turbo (rear axle), and a 131 bhp electric motor (front axle). Total 354 bhp with 0-62 in 5 seconds!

Seems BMW have thrown just about every new idea together at one point – good for them!

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Based on original article from Pistoheads which can be found here.