April 3, 2012

Mercedes E36 AMG Cabriolet

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This is a rare car – the W124 Mercedes Convertible – not the standard one but the E36 AMG Cabriolet. Fewer than 200 were made which makes them a bit special for Mercedes AMG car insurance. Thay could even qualify for Cherished car insurance given their rarity!

Owning one is exclusive but at over £20,000 for a 17 year old one, it remains one for the serious enthusiast.

A 272hp, 284lb ft 3.6-litre straight six is only enough oomph to propel it to 60 in 7.2 seconds, but will do it all day.

Right hand drive models are very rare indeed – Cabriolet 14, Coupe 24 and Saloon 12. So if you want one they will be rare which is just how we like it with our Mercedes AMG car insurance.

Please do call us as many different insurance factors go into these cars such as mileage covered, your experience, security, etc.

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Original article from Pistonheads can be found here.