October 13, 2012

Renault Clio Williams set for 2014

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With Renault’s current F1 success there is yet another new model rumored to be released in order for them to show the transaction from track to road cars. The Renault Clio Williams is set to be based on the Clio RS 200 with its great looks and is said to have great performance too with an expected 220hp being the main sales hook. The Renault Clio Williams is not going to be one that we will get our hands on soon though as it is set for release in 2014.

Like the Clio RS 200, The Clio Williams is set to be shifted with a turbocharged 1.6litre engine capable of 220hp which is up from the previous 197hp. It is not said yet if this will be the standard performance on the Clio Williams or if like the RS they will have a race mode button that will map the gearbox in order to alter performance as well as quickening the response of the throttle and the steering.

With other releases around the same time as the Clio RS 200 next year such as Peugeot’s hope for former glory the 208 GTI, There is an expected release date of 2014 for the Clio Williams, just to make sure that there is no crossover in sales that might affect the others targets. A good strategy from Renault on their part, but are customers going to grow tired of all the different models coming out close enough to each other that you feel like you jumped the gun on purchasing your Clio that was only up to date for the first half of the year.

The main release however of this car is not to just see a spike in sales, there is a heritage at stake here as Renault were once top of the pile when it came to the hot hatch market. Now that there is a clear success in the F1 performance maybe it is time to show off what the Clio Williams can do and stamp once again Renault’s mark as the hot hatch kings.

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