October 13, 2012

Jaguar F-Type is here

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After the accidental release of Jaguar F-Type pictures that sparked speculation into the new release, Paris was the venue in which Jaguar chose to deliver the news that we had all been waiting for. The breakdown of it all is that there will be three different versions (six when the drop top is released at a later date) of the F-Type. There will be a base model which will include a 3.0ltre F-Type capable of 340hp, the 3.0litre F-Type S which will have an impressive 380hp and then finally the 495hp 5.0litre F-Type V8 S. Keith Michaels are also pleased to announce specialist schemes for Jaguar F Type insurance – please do call and speak to a broker.

As we would have expected from Jaguar they are all two seater, rear wheel drive and this time round Jaguar are boasting a driving experience that will be rivaled by none as they have stiffened up the cabin and the chassis by up to 30 percent compared to any Jaguar around before this. Speed is a key factor of the F-Types this time around with 0-60 being hammered in 5.1 seconds (F-Type), 4.8 seconds (F-Type S) and 4.2 seconds (F-type V8 S). All impressive times there is no doubt about that, but Jaguar were adamant that speed wasn’t going to stop there with their new “quickshift” transmission that allows you to pass through the eight speeds like they weren’t even there. The noise that this car makes is one that can only be described as a a roar, with the dynamic mode allowing you to hear every mechanical growl of the supercharger.

With the main focuses being on the response times of the throttle, steering and brakes, Jaguar bosses say that this will be a “great sports car that you will look forward to driving because it’s fun”. With a statement like that and a car that looks as good as the Jaguar F-Type we have to say that we are genuinely excited for the release of this car because it really does promise to be one of the greatest Jaguars to be released for a long time.

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