July 2, 2012

Police car chase at 140 mph

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The M25 was closed in the Surrey area recently when a car was being chased along it at 140 mph! The police said the car was a BMW coupe (which could mean many of them) and was eventually stopped after a hair raising chase of 75 miles.

A stinger device was needed to blow the tyres and then the car was boxed in by police vehicles, with a helicopter also being used to help the 3 different police forces involved. The car was bought safely to a stop and a 36 year old man was arrested before any major damage could be done.

Whilst we would never condone driving like this, and it is very much a one off, we are able to provide convicted driver insurance, whether this be a ban, multiple convictions, or just a single offence. Please do call and speak to the specialists in our office who can be found by following the link above.