July 2, 2012

Bentley Continental GT Speed

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The performance car market in the UK must be thriving as both Bentley and Aston Martin announced new Continental and Vanquish models on the same day. Introduced at the Festival of Speed, the new Bentley GT Speed will offer owners more speed, more luxury, and of course more cost.

For such a big car the performance stats are quite remarkable – 625 bhp (up from 575 for the old model), which is enough to propel the car to 60 mph is just 4 seconds via its 4 wheeled drive system and 8 speed gearbox! 8 speed gearboxes seem to be something of the norm these days – those sorts of figures used to belong in the world of bicycles.

Huge 21 inch wheels carry the car on revised suspension and are controlled by an improved steering system. The exterior has also been improved to emphasise the sporty nature of the GT Speed, with the interior being given the Mulliner treatment from the start which is deemed as very desirable to its owners.

As with most of the luxury car manufacturers, China is the real marketplace for this car as demand over there is huge. For those who would like to buy one in the UK then it is likely that the car will start with a price tag of over £150,000.

To us the car looks stunning and we would be delighted to provide performance car insurance for your car, whether this be a brand new model, or one of the many other Bentley Continentals that exist in this country.