July 2, 2012

Porsche Panamera Manual

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A Porsche Panamera supplied with a manual gearbox may well be regarded as a commercial mistake but word has it that it makes the car even more fun to drive this way – rather in the style of a BMW M5 but with even more performance.

The car was actually made to order for Porsche themselves as we very much doubt that many owners would opt for the car in that spec – would be just too difficult to sell on once it had reached the end of its life with the owner.

This model a a 2S version which means you still get a whopping 400 bhp but have the added pleasure of being able to decide the gear changing on your terms – much more of a pleasure for the true performance car driver! The picture below is proof of its existence and we would imagine that the gear change is silky smooth like most cars in the Porsche range.

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