June 6, 2012

Performance BMW M5 announced

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BMW are to build a limited performance edition of their M5 model which will be limited to the UK only, and the choice if colours will be red, white or blue! Although one may think that the car really doesn’t need an upgrade, those that do will need to get their order in quickly as only 30 will be made available.

The M5 M Performance Edition car will cost a very healthy £94,000 and will therefore be one for the avid enthusiast – perfect for our BMW M5 insurance policies.

The paint scheme will be a matt ‘frozen’ colour which will set it aside from the standard cars (unless of course they have had a wrap fitted). Contrasting stitching on the interior on the black leather will also match the car colour.

Surprisingly the car will have no performance tweaks over the standard model but will be lowered by 10 millimetres. A few other equipment options are added but the total cost over the standard car is over £20,000 more which does rather beg the question, why?

if you decide to go for this car or have the standard M5, then please do call us for our performance car insurance and speak to a fellow enthusiast – we are passionate about our cars, especially ones like the BMW M5.