June 6, 2012

Mercedes SLS AMG GT

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The Mercedes SLS AMG is a superb vehicle and the one thing that it probably doesn’t need is an upgrade in the horsepower department. So that is precisely what they have done by upping power to 591bhp – an extra 20 horsepower over the original.

Other upgrades also include a tweaked suspension, and changes to the clutch system which will be available for both the coupe and roadster versions. How exactly they have done it we are not sure but the 0 to 60 time has been reduced by a tenth. AMG have also tweaked the throttle response, made the gear changes fractionally quicker, and updated the traction control.

Both internally and externally the car has been upgraded slightly but the changes are minimal and hopefully won’t effect the residuals of the current cars. As with any ‘special’ we are keen to provide your Mercedes AMG insurance for you via our performance car insurance range of policies. Please do call us to discuss your requirements with a specialist.