June 6, 2012

Performance BMW M3 Edition

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Alongside the recent announcement of a performance version of their M5, BMW are also to introduce a performance M3 model – the M3 M Performance Edition.

This car will also be restricted to just 30 cars made, will only be available to purchasers in the UK, and will have the same matt paint colours on offer – namely red, white, or blue. Very patriotic for a German car!

For those who own an M3 (whatever the age of it) they will no doubt be surprised that BMW can make a ‘performance’ version of a car that is already at the top of its game. It is therefore somewhat surprising that BMW is not offering any engine upgrades to the car and have instead installed the suspension option of lowering by 10 millimetres. This will have very limited impact on the BMW M3 insurance save that the car will be another £16,000 more than the standard model.

Apart from the matt paintwork, suspension tweaks, interior leather and stitching changes, and a few other alterations, we cannot see how the car justifies this save for exclusivity. If that is the case then it is one for the real enthusiast – one that we would love to provide performance car insurance for. We at Keith Michaels are all car enthusiasts and are very keen to cover all models of BMW M3.