June 15, 2012

Convicted Driver Penalties £90

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The Government is proposing to increase the cost of fixed penalties for motoring convictions to £90. The move is part of a plan to introduce a penalty and conviction below that of careless driving. There is also a plan to introduce more awareness courses much in the mould of current speeding ones.

Middle Lane Hogging, Tailgating, Wrong Roundabout lanes, and on the spot fines for Driving Without Due Care are also being considered. Plus driving too fast in bad weather, ignoring road signs, and poor lane discipline could also be targeted.

All these will not be enforced by cameras but will require a policeman to determine the offence him or herself – will make it interesting on a standard motorway when one of the above is probably broken every 5 minutes!

If you are having problems obtaining motor insurance due to a conviction or driving ban, then please do call us or go on-line to our convicted driver insurance page.