July 10, 2012

New Audi RS4

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One thing defines the new Audi RS4 B8 – a complicated choice of driving configurations. This is clearly a car for the performance car drivers out there whereby you can chose between settings to the power train, damping, suspension, differential, etc. Just how many will master the art is debatable.

So, how does the new B8 compare to the B7 – well not as well as we would have hoped. Power is 450 bhp, but the torque is the same, and weight is up 80kgs. But the biggest difference is the lack of a manual gearbox with the car now relying on the new 7 speed auto version. We are not really sure if that is what the buying public want.

Admittedly it certainly does look the part with the flared arches, matt chrome, bucket seats, and large 20 inch alloys, a real must for all the performance car drivers out there.

But it is all the driving aids and electronic gizmo’s that may make the car a headache for those who just want a fast super saloon. This is a car that will be used mainly as a normal family car until you want to let it just open up and have a bit of fun. The electronics may be superb but the amount of time taken to dial them all in may only really be relevant for the track, where many of these will not stray.

Rather like the new Porsche 991, this car comes alive when you give it some stick and take it up to the 8,500 rpm red line. Gear changes become aggressive and the exhaust note barks. Apparently fuel economy is up by 26% but this will be largely down to the gearbox, but beware, this is still a car that likes garage forecourts!

The RS4 will always have its fans where the appeal of a super saloon that is both fast and family accommodating is key, but whether this version is enough for them is debatable. Even so, we are sure it will still be popular.

If you own any of the Audi RS4 range or plan to purchase the new B8 then please do call and speak to one of our performance car insurance brokers. We specialise in this market and 2 members of staff currently own the B7 model so we will know what they are all about!