July 10, 2012

Audi RS4 History

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Chris Harris has put a little video together of the history of the Audi RS4 and what the car is all about.

We all know what the car is really about with it’s supercar performance based on a family saloon (and they said Lotus were mad and irresponsible when they introduced the Lotus Carlton all those years ago – and how pleased we all are now) and it is interesting to see how the have (or tried) to improve it.

The original Audi RS4 B5 dates back to 2000 with its 380 bhp and was a bit of a revelation. Forget about driving this on a nice summer’s day – take it out in a wet winter or in the snow and you will get it. The B7 was the next model to appear but was a big jump in cost, as is the latest B8 version.

They may not be to all tastes but we have many clients who own them (+ our own staff) and swear by them.

This video says much about the models and as Chris knows his stuff it certainly is worth having a look (especially the B7). The new Audi RS4 B8 is also interesting especially when compared to the Mercedes C63:

If you have any of the cars in the video and need performance car insurance then please do call and speak to an expert in our office.