July 3, 2012

New Aston Martin Vanquish

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Aston Martin have announced the launch of it’s new flagship Vanquish, the AM310 which is due to replace the current DBS. The Aston Martin Vanquish AM 310 is quite simply stunning and is the latest in a long line of gorgeous cars to be produced by this classic manufacturer.

Timing coincided to the day with the announcement of the Bentley Speed GT (which may have been coincidence) and a couple of official photos have been released of the car which shows it in its true glory. Some may complain that the cars all share too close a heritage on the styling front, but we believe that the cars are all beautiful so why change a winning formula. We don’t hear many complaining!

The pictures do show a design heavily influenced by the sublime Aston Marton One-77 even though this car will be a fraction of the cost. The use of carbon fibre puts it ahead of its nearest rival, the Mercedes SLS AMG, and coupled with an engine output of 573 bhp, will no doubt take sales from that car even though the price tag will be some £20,000 more.

Power still comes from Aston Martin’s wonderful V12 engine and has an extra 56 bhp over the DBS. Performance has been increased all round, from the torque, 0-60 times, and top speed over the original car, and shows how much new cars are moving on at the moment. 

Aston Martin even claim that the boot size is up by 60% – a long standing complaint for all those who have tried to go away for a holiday in their pride and joy. A true GT car like this needs this extra space. Deliveries should start at the end of the year and looking at the pictures it will no doubt be popular with the fan base it has. We insure many current Aston Martin owners and we would love to speak to others out there who need Aston Martin insurance.

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