November 24, 2022

The 7 Most Expensive Electric Cars In The World

There are electric vehicles, and there are electric supercars. Learn about the amazing green machines that make our list of the most expensive electric cars in the world and marvel at their breath-taking performance levels.
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While electric cars, EVs and PHEVs become more and more affordable, some seriously expensive models are available for those with a limitless budget.

This is the world of the electric supercar with jaw-dropping performance levels to match their eye-popping price tags.

As you may expect, the honour of driving – and owning – one of these rare, gorgeous electric beasts comes at a considerable cost, and for very good reason. And here at Keith Michaels, we help customers find the right electric vehicle insurance policy for their specialist, and often pricy, electric vehicles. Whether any of these vehicles are on our books is something we’ll never say but, regardless, these are some stupendous cars.

If money is no object, here is a list of the top 7 most expensive electric cars available to buy anywhere in the world.

1) Lotus Evija (£2.4m)

Technically a hypercar, not a supercar and costing a staggering £2.4 million, this British-made, all-electric beast is the most expensive electric vehicle in the world.

Each wheel has its own electric motor which, when combined, produce a mammoth 1,972 horsepower, a top speed in excess of 200mph and 0-60mph in under three seconds. Not surprisingly, it is the fastest Lotus ever made and the world’s first all-electric British hypercar.

Despite the eye-watering performance, it is also rather practical. A full charge takes a mere 18 minutes and produces a range of up to 250 miles. The vehicle is street-legal in the UK but not in the US.

2) Rimac Nevera (£2.13m)

A touch cheaper than the Lotus Evija but still around the £2 million mark and for very good reason. The Nevera is the fastest-accelerating, road-legal car available in the UK.

Zero to 62mph takes less than two seconds and, with a top speed of 258mph, it is quicker than a Formula 1 race car. A 1.4-megawatt battery produces 1,915 horsepower and a range of 340 miles, while an 80% charge takes a mere 19 minutes. For any Grand Tour/Top Gear fans, this is the brand that Richard Hammond crashed although Rimac has since massively upgraded the safety across all models.

Croatia-based Rimac is producing just 150 Nevera hypercars, each one personally signed off by founder and CEO, Mate Rimac. Named after a powerful storm that forms above the seas of Croatia, the Nevera is a true hypercar in every sense and is available to buy in the UK.

3) Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne (£1.68m)

Hispano Suiza has been around for 120 years, but the ultra-rare Carmen Boulogne is the first car produced by the Spanish company for 74 years – it was certainly worth the wait.

Initial production of the carbon-fibre Carmen was limited to 19 vehicles, each costing a whopping £1.28 million, though more are likely to be produced in the future. A lithium-ion battery powerplant churns out 1,114 horsepower, does 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds, reaches a limited top speed of 180mph and has an impressive range of 249 miles.

Built with help from Formula E engineers, five racier versions of the Carmen boasting 1,099 horsepower will set you back £1.4 million.

4) NIO EP9 (£1.31m)

The 1,390 horsepower EP9 is the space-age creation of Chinese electric vehicle producer, NIO, and comes in at a tasty £1,230,000.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on one will experience the white-knuckle performance of 0-124mph in 7.1 seconds, a limited top speed of 194mph, a range of around 260 miles and a full-charge time of 45 minutes.

Only a handful of EP9s have been made and, unfortunately, is it not road-legal and is purely designed for the track. An additional 10 vehicles are now being produced for sale to the general public.

5) Drako GTE (£1.1m)

With a £1 million base price, the Drako GTE is ‘cheap’ in comparison to other hypercars on our list.

Engineered in the USA by Silicon Valley manufacturer, Drako Motors, this stunning four-seater sports saloon boasts 1,200 horsepower, goes from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, has a top speed of 206mph and a range of 250 miles.

Production of the Drako GTE has been limited to 25 vehicles making it another ultra-rare vehicle on our list of the most expensive electric hypercars on the market.

6) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive (£475k)

At less than half the price of the Drako GTE, this rare, electric vehicle from the German luxury car maker is relatively cheap yet with zero compromises on performance.

This electric version of Mercedes’ famous combustion-powered SLS AMG sportscar produces 750 horsepower from a combination of four engines (one for each wheel) and can race from 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, with a limited top speed of 155mph.

First released in 2013 as a limited electric vehicle, the SLS AMG has a range of 160 miles thanks to a 400V lithium-ion battery with a 60-kWh capacity.

7) The Founders Series Tesla Roadster (£218k)

Elon Musk claimed the gorgeous Founders Series Tesla Roadster would go from 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, boast a mind-boggling top speed of 250mph and still have a vast range of 620 miles thanks to a powerful 200 kWh battery. These, he added, were only base specifications and that the car’s true performance may be even better.

Tesla limited reservations for the Founders Series Roadster to 1,000 to make it a collector’s item. It took no time to sell that quota, so Tesla stopped taking reservations in 2021 and removed pricing information for the four-seater, all-wheel drive machine.

Yet, several years after the Founders Series Roadster was unveiled in 2017, we are still waiting to see it on the road, and it is now believed launch will be delayed until 2023. That gap has allowed Tesla to develop a second-generation Roadster which can hover above the ground when fitted with the SpaceX package and do 0-60mph in 1.1 seconds. Tesla are yet to confirm the price of this flying hypercar, but it will certainly cost more than the Founders Series Roadster although still way less than the other cars on this list.

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