October 9, 2012

Mitsubishi Evo VI: Best Evo to date?

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With all the success the Mistubishi team had in the world rally championships over the years, you wonder how it took them until the Evo VI before they were leaders in the showroom too. From the years of 1996 to 1999 the Mitsubishi Evo was the car to beat in the WRC and you’d expect that when the car was put to the road it would smash all other competition again, but it seems the Impreza WRX had the edge in that department.

It seemed as though The Mitsubishi team were just unable to put the same success into the road version of their Evo’s, then came along the Evo VI. With a price tag of £30,995 and a 2.0 litre turbo charged engine capable of 0-60mph in 4.4secs on a standard 270bhp four-wheel drive model, not only did it look cool, it performed well too. With a limited top speed of 150mph compared to the other japanese imports 112mph, this was a game changer.

Unfortunately the run of the Mitsubishi Evo VI was short lived as by 2001 the Evo VII was on its way to our showrooms. However, many track day goers and tuners today still see the Evo VI as the best of the set to date. Not only is the styling of the car impressive, but this is by far the easiest to get the best performance from with not so much work needing to be done. A trait that isn’t exactly common in any car let alone the Japanese Import scene.

To this day the Mitsubishi Evo VI has a strong following and it’s hardly surprising. With a reputation such as this over the years, and being able to pick one up these days for a mere £5000, it would be pretty difficult to find any car that would compete with the price and performance of the Evo VI on the track and on the road.

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