March 1, 2012

Lotus Unveils the Elise Club Racer

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Introducing a new stripped down, track-focused version of the Lotus Elise S.
From the more focused upmarket Lotus car, the team are keen to not let customers forget about the track-focused roots. Lotus shows they have not forgotten this when creating the Elise Club Racer.
The Elise Club Racer has an integrated adjustable anti- roll bar at the front for the 134bhp 1.6-litre Toyota engine. A ‘Club Racer Power Pack’ as an option helps to push the output to 139bhp. Also introduced within this extreme track car is the ‘sport’ setting within the ‘Dynamic Performance Management’ chassis control system. The Sport mode allows more wheelspin and understeer whilst keeping the stability and traction control.
The more lightweight option to the Elise means this car has shed 24kg of weight, giving it a small boost in performance alongside the more sophisticated chassis unit. To do this the car has been stripped down to its basics, having a sticker instead of a badge (saving 60g), and lightweight battery (saving 5.9kg), removing the soft top roof (saving 5.9kg). Other weight savings were due to the lack of central locking, airbags, passenger footrest, radio, carpets, noise insulation and mud flaps.
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