August 29, 2012

Lexus Soarer Insurance

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Lexus Soarer Car Insurance

The Lexus Soarer was a very popular coupe bought over from Japan mainly in the 1990s. Many people seem to have a problem insuring this car but we at Keith Michaels have schemes in place for just this type of vehicle and have insured many over the years.

For a start we know what the car is! You will no doubt speak to many insurance companies and other brokers who will have no idea what car you are talking about. We have been insuring these cars for nearly 20 years now and have an extensive knowledge of the different versions and engine sizes.

Whether you have the 2.5, 3.0, or 4.0 litre model makes no major difference to us as we look for drivers with experience of owning a car like this or something similar. Your driving history is by far the most important thing to us.

Your Lexus Soarer may well be your only vehicle or one kept for the weekend – whatever your circumstance are then we will have an insurance option for you.

We specialise in Japanese import car insurance and prestige car insurance which includes the Lexus range. Please call and speak to one of our experienced brokers.