September 3, 2012

Drink Driver Jailed

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Drink Driver Tyrone Powell has just been jailed for killing his best friend after a prank went fatally wrong. Having consumed 6 pints of beer, Mr Powell drove his Ford Fiesta with Carlo Renzi on the roof. Unfortunately the inevitable happened and Mr Renzi was unable to hold on, fell off, and subsequently died of his injuries.

This was the latest in the craze of ‘car surfing’ which is obviously amplified when carried out by a drink driver. Although this may well have been a couple of friends playing a prank, it did result in the death of one man and the imprisonment of the other for 2 years – tragic on both accounts. Sentance was passed recently at Swansea Crown Court.

Whilst we in no way condone drink driving at Keith Michaels, we can offer some relief from the onerous cost of insurance should you have been unlucky enough to fall foul of the law. The above case is extremely rare as most drivers do not realise they are over the limit until it is too late. We do not judge anyone by their actions and are very used to dealing with this conviction.

Should you need to speak to someone who will deal with you enquiry in the strictest confidence, then please follow this link to our Drink Drive insurance and Convicted Driver insurance policies.