December 3, 2012

Lexus reveal own Hyper-saloon

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With Jaguar last week revealing their own BMW M5 competition, it was the team of Lexus/Toyota’s turn to reveal the latest in the Lexus range that would also be keen to impress in the “hyper saloon” category. For right now the LS Sport 650 is just in concept stages, but with a full release of images from Lexus we have to say it must have a good chance of making it to production stages.

With the Lexus set to take on the likes of BMW and Jaguar, it had to be something special, and Lexus‘ own motor sport team of TMG really set to work with just what they wanted to achieve. The 5.0 litre V8 is said to be fit with two turbo’s that produce a BHP of 650 along with 565lb ft of torque too. The raw power that is going to be produced by the Lexus is something that really is impressive and with 0-62 in sub four seconds it’s clear you wont be struggling to get to the top speed of  200mph.

Lexus have gone for the screaming approach with the LS rather than the more subtle approach some manufacturers may have chosen to take. The scoops, vents and addition of more carbon fibre are all assets that give the Lexus a rough and ready look that it is fair to say hasn’t always been a reputation they have gone for, and we have to say with the look of the car and the performance promised it really could be a combination that really works for Lexus. Whilst some companies have revealed that their hyper saloons will be going into production as of next year, Lexus haven’t yet disclosed whether or not the LS Sport 650 will remain a concept or become available in the near future, we certainly hope that the latter is the choice that they make as this could certainly cause a big splash within the category.

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