December 4, 2012

Kia’s 204hp hot hatch

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Last week it was revealed that Kia would be releasing their own entrant into the hot hatch rat race. The Kia Pro_Cee’d is still just in the sketch stages which is really quite unfortunate because after a glimpses at the initial drawings it was clear that Kia were serious about taking on the rest of the market for looks and performance.

Kia have this time around revealed what will be the force behind this powerful design, the 1.6litre engine that will be reinforced with a twin scroll turbocharger that offers the everyday driver an impressive 204hp and 195lb ft torque. These figures have certainly caught the eyes of our staff who are all quite keen when it comes to the recent developments of the hot hatch scene what with the latest Golf having been extremely successful the world over. Add to the power the fact you have a back end that would catch the eye of most drivers out there, you have a car that really has a shout at contesting the Golf for top spot.

With Kia promising significant upgrades in the chassis and suspension, this Pro_Cee’d won’t just take off nicely it will hopefully hug those corners as you do your best to feel every corner that you approach. Kia have never personally been the brand I look towards to get my next driving thrill, but with what Kia are promising from the Pro_Cee’d I certainly will be looking twice if they can pull off the current designs that are on show.

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