November 20, 2012

Jaguar take on BMW

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With Jaguar looking to get a boost in sales over coming years with a selection of new models coming to the market, they have now revealed that there will be a “hyper saloon” available to take on the likes of BMW’s M5. The question is will it stand up to such a tall order?

The Jaguar XFR-S is the latest in the new range of Jaguars that is looking to revamp the slowly faded image of the old school brand, and we have to say it is looking like it could be a real contender. With not much being leaked whatsoever we can only expect that the car will be lumped with the XKR-S 5.0litre V8 whcih has impressed so far in the motoring world. With the Jaguar XFR-S being a slightly bigger model than the XKR-S you would assume that the 0-60 of 4.2 seconds won’t be  impossible to reach and the same 550hp/501lp ft of torque will apply maxing out at a top speed of 186mph. Yes the XFR-S will be slightly heavier and not as aerodynamic, but we can’t see that these factors will slow this car down as much as expected. These figures will certainly have BMW looking over their shoulders as it is sure to put them under pressure as leaders on the market. If it’s performance car insurance you’re needing, this car certainly ticks that box.

Not only are the figures impressive for Jaguar with the XFR-S, from what we can tell the car is going to be great to look at as well. We imagine it will be a similar sort of shape to the XKR-S and there is no question that this is a beautiful piece of design on Jaguars part. There is a sneak preview of what the XFR-S grille is set to look like and that alone was enough to get us speculating at just how good looking this car could be. It seems that the Jaguar team are looking once more to update the image they have recently got themselves within the public and for us this is a good move and they appear to be doing well at reshaping to fit in with the needs of your everyday driver in order to stand alone at the top once again.

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