November 20, 2012

Mazda MX-5 at SEMA

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It’s an event that all petrol heads look forward to year in year out, and this time around it was clear to see that SEMA was out to impress all once more. At the end of the year, cars from all over the globe flood to the Las Vegas based convention to show off a number of modifications that bring out the raw power hidden under the manufacturers shell. With the likes of Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota getting involved, it was time for Mazda to show off just how powerful the MX-5 could be.

With Mazda always having a racing spirit among the Motorsports industry, the Mazda MX-5 Super 25 is just the next level of what Mazda have to offer to the racing world. Mazda are claiming that this MX-5 concept  will be an endurance based vehicle that is in honor of the 787b that is more commonly known for it’s ’55’ badge it wore during Mazda’s win in the 1991 Le Mans, a feat that has not been achieved by any other Japanese manufacturers. There is no doubt either, that this concept is one that looks as good as it is set to perform.

Sitting pretty on 17-inch Volk Racing T37 six-spoke matte black wheels, the Mazda MX-5 was looking amazing as you checked every inch of the super red gloss paint job, with finer parts of the body detailed in white, and the lower sections in a matte black finish. The customized four lamp lighting pod is placed just above the newest version of the grille and is equipped with bright for the night PIAA 40 series halogens. The beauty doesn’t stop on the exterior of the Mazda either as the interior of this MX-5 screams performance. The Sparco Evo competition race seat is based alone in the cockpit within the Super 25 and is merely surrounded by suede on the dash as well as the suede Sparco R323 competition steering wheel allowing for more control for the driver in hot seat. Add to that the AiM MXL data acquisition logger that has been custom fitted for real time ECU readings you have an MX-5 that is just itching to get on the track.

It is fair to say that this years SEMA convention has been absolutely blown away with performance enhanced vehicles and concepts that are sure to get all keen drivers excited the world over, And as for the Mazda MX-5 concept we really are hoping that something like this could be made available one day as it really is quite an impressive spectacle. Here’s to hoping!

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