November 22, 2012

Ford upgrade latest Focus ST

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Seeing as it is going to be a while until we can get our hands on the new Focus RS, Ford have decided that they would give us something that should tide us over until such a time. As you will be aware the new Ford Focus ST was recently released and it really was something special to look at, and the performance stats weren’t too shabby with the base model ST pushing 250hp. Now it seems that Ford are looking to increase power just a tad more to get us through to the RS release.

The two litre ecoboost engine is one that was bound to be tuned eventually and Ford specialists Mountune were the first to offer a service that would increase the power to an impressive 280hp. No other performance figures have been released as of yet, but we imagine that with Mountunes previous reputation they will get this Focus ST creeping under the six seconds with it’s 0-60 time. Costs are going to be pretty similar to that of the previous ST‘s upgrades and you can expect that for the extra punch on the throttle it will set you back around £1,200

The teams over at Ford and Mountune haven’t really let on about anything as of yet which is a real shame because we would love to be able to offer dates, prices and other possible upgrades coming soon, however we can’t express enough how excited we are for the Focus ST upgrade to be available because it is just another step that has been taken in order to show just what Ford are capable of when it comes to the future. Speaking of the future, with the release of the Focus RS imminent it looks as though Ford really are looking to steam ahead of the market with a fleet of seriously impressive cars set for release in the wake of the new year.

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