June 18, 2012

Ferrari, Maserati,Turbo V8 Engine

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Fiat have apparently tasked their engine development department to develop a new engine for their top end models – read Maserati and Ferrari obviously. This is a big investment of over 50 million euros.

A video has appeared that appears to show the definite whoosh of a turbocharged engine (here) although the test mule appears to be a Ferrari California. We doubt theis car will be the first recipient of the all new engine as it has only just had a recent facelift. Interestingly the bonnet is slightly open which would suggest some issues with cooling the unit down enough.

Much more likely is that the engine will be destined for the new Maserati  Quattroporte replacement and an all new smaller model. Whether Ferrari will follow suit and move towards turbocharging is another matter, maybe one bought about by emission and fuel consumption concerns in the future.

Either way, the performance car market would appear to be as strong as ever, even if manufacturers are being forced to go down routes that were never planned for. We are happy as this will continue our line of performance car insurance and we are always looking for new cars to cover.