April 23, 2012

Ferrari HY-KERS for Enzo Replacement

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Ferrari has been looking at hybrid technology now for the latest generation of supercars and has tried it out in the 599. It has chosen the obvious KERS name to link it in with the F1 racing team which carries so much clout in the motoring market. Seen as the pinnacle of the Fiat brand, Ferrari will push the KERS idea as much as possible.

Previously only shown in a front engined configuration, Ferrari have announced it will shortly reveal its mid-engined one, destined for the all new Enzo successor. Whilst only providing a 10% power hike, a 40% better fuel consumption will be achieved which is remarkable by current standards. Hybrid technology is the way forward and this is something we have also built into our Ferrari car insurance products for the future.

It may be a green car but you can bet it will be a certain type of Ferrari green!