November 5, 2014

6 Most Popular Cities for UK Expat Emigration

6 Most Popular Cities for UK Expat Emigration Header Image

It is estimated that 16% of the world’s population are seriously considering emigrating at any given time. Considering that, in 2013, there were 320,000 recorded emigrants leaving the UK, we believe that it’s being seen as a viable option for a growing proportion of Britons. Many people are seeking a more stable economy, cheaper living costs or potentially just a new culture/scene, and are turning to international options.

Have you considered it? Where would you migrate to? We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 cities that expats from the UK choose to be their new home. If you do want to move abroad, then you might find this expat information useful.

6) Singapore (Singapore)

With a rich and extremely diverse range of cultures, Singapore can be an amazing place for a British expat to emigrate to. It has an exotic climate, English speaking community and vast economic growth, making it a viable place for British expats. Click here for more useful information for expats in Singapore.

5) Brisbane (Australia)

With the nickname Bris Vegas, Brisbane is a very popular destination for migrants and tourists alike. The thriving economy and flourishing real estate developments (and population growth) make it an ideal location for expats. If you can stand the heat that is.

4) Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

As the leading economic city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a booming community with vast job opportunities for expats. However, it is strongly recommended that you secure a job before migrating there. Cultural, religious, climate, and language barriers are just a handful of the challenges a UK expat will encounter, but many are adamant that it’s worth it.

3) Melbourne (Australia)

A rich, historic background and a successful economy make Melbourne a popular destination for British expats. Its vast geographical spread includes numerous suburb areas, which can be the perfect area to raise a family.

2) Sydney (Australia)

Australia’s oldest city is renown world-wide for its beaches and iconic skyline. Sydney is also Australia’s largest and most economically driven city, which is probably why it’s so appealing for business Expats.

1) Perth (Australia)

Perth is the cultural centre of Western Australia, and home to hundreds of thousands of Britons. This means it won’t be too difficult for a British expat to adjust to life here.

Even though we provide UK car insurance for many expats living in Australia, it still amazes us at how popular it is with UK citizens. With over 1 million UK citizens currently living in Australia, we’re interested to see how many of our future customers will be joining the UK expat community over there.

Nearly a quarter of the UK expats in Australia are retired, however the most common expat individuals are successful businesspeople and their families. These individuals relocate for work opportunities, and achieve success in their careers. However, through our experience, most of them sustain ties to the UK through home ownership and by maintaining an active social life here.

We’re interested in finding out exactly what it is about Australia that we Britons find so appealing. Surely not everyone’s gone there for the accent?

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