603BHP Subaru Impreza

impreza gb270

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The owner wanted to let their car speak for itself. We think you'll agree, it's a worthy addition to the Keith Michael's Garage! We've got space for more awesome cars, so don’t forget to submit...

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Impreza 603BHP Track Spec


603 BHP


Running 603bhp /585ft lbs

EJ22t block stroked to 2.35

Forged engine

VVT heads

gt3063r billet turbo

syvecs s6 gp ECU mapped by Jolly Green Monster

6 speed hawkeye box

Act 6 puck single plate clutch


355 AP racing front brakes

Rear gold brembos

255/35/18 toyo 888’s

Body Work

Custom roll cage

Custom wiring loom


Perspex side windows

Jap speed rear wing

Carbon roof

ABW arches