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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


You’ll get an ‘MR’ code on your driving record if you’re caught reckless or dangerously driving whether or not this results in the death or injury of an individual or you posing a serious risk. Read on to find out more about the MR09 penalty and how it can affect your insurance premium.

How You Got A MR09 Conviction Code

Reckless and dangerous driving can include speeding, racing, tailgating, sudden braking, running red lights, cutting people off, passing illegally, having your attention diverted by a distraction inside the car, for example, using a mobile phone, having your attention diverted by a distraction outside the car, for example, ‘rubber necking’, driving whilst distracted by reading a map, using a hand-held phone or lighting a cigarette are all deemed as dangerous or reckless acts of driving.

Driving Licence Conviction Code Motoring Offence Penalty Points Duration Conviction Stays on your Licence
MR09 Reckless or dangerous driving (whether or not resulting in death, injury or serious risk) n/a 4 years

MR09 Penalty

Drivers convicted of reckless of dangerous driving will receive a MR09 endorsement on their driver’s licence. Getting a car insurance quote is a serious challenge to drivers with a MR09 conviction. Other insurance companies may refuse to offer quotes for drivers with a MR09 conviction.

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Specialist MR09 Car Insurance
After receiving a penalty for reckless driving, it will be difficult to find someone to insure you because you will now be classed as unsafe. This can lead to significantly increased premiums. Here at Keith Michael’s, we are the specialists for convicted drivers and will aim to get you the lowest possible quote available, we believe everyone is a person and not a policy number. Get a quote today.